Athanor in the stars!

Rédigé le 23/01/2019
Jean-Hervé SEVEZEN

10 ! This is the total number of "Athanor" chefs rewarded during the 2019 edition of the Michelin Guide, we are delighted for these passionate and obviously very proud chefs!

We start with Laurent Petit's 3rd star at Clos des Sens, which is well deserved!

David Toutain logically accesses the 2nd star for the restaurant that bears his name David Toutain.

Then come the new stars that Athanor has modestly contributed to help in their creativity: 

In Paris, there are 5 of them! Stéphane Pitré for his restaurant Louis, Raphaël Rego for his restaurant OKA, Yoshi Morie for his restaurant Yoshinori, Simone Tondo for his restaurant Racines and Jacky Ribault for his restaurant L'Ours in Vincennes.

3 in the Jérémie Izarn region for its restaurant La Tour des Sens in Tencin, Clément Bouvier for its restaurant Ursus de Tignes and Diego Delbecq for its restaurant Rozo in Lille.

Thank you all for their trust, don't hesitate to visit them to spend an exceptional moment!